This Is My Planet

This Is My Planet is a 19″ necklace made of wood, ceramic, bone, and copper and secured with a brass Art Nouveau toggle clasp.



Golden Diamonds

Golden Diamonds is 25″ in length and is made up of three types of beads: vintage, hand painted  black porcelain with gold foil details; foil-filled glass cubes; and tiny silver faux spacers. It’s secured with a brass toggle in the Art Nouveau style.



Meadow is a 25″ necklace made of light blue vintage porcelain beads buttressed by copper seed beads and foil-filled glass squares. Pearlescent seed beads knit them all together and an Art Nouveau-style brass toggle clasp secures it.



Cobalt Confection

Cobalt Confection is a 25.5″ necklace dominated by cobalt blue seed beads and crystals and anchored by a handmade cobalt blue and gold glass bead with protruding details. Furnace glass disks with pink and blue details are cushioned by light purple amethyst ovals. Secured with a brass toggle clasp in the Art Nouveau style.



Golden Globes

Golden Globes is a 25.5″ necklace made of delicate coral, tiny gold-colored beads, and beautiful multicolored vintage disks with gold foil details. Just the right amount of bling without being too flashy! Secured by a toggle clasp in the Art Nouveau style.



Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty is a 17″ necklace made of salwag seeds, rosaline glass, and Czech glass; it is secured with a delicate Art Nouveau-style toggle clasp.




Purple and pale yellow like the flower for which it is named, Iris is a 32″ necklace made of purple glass and citrine cubes, secured with a brass toggle clasp in the Art Nouveau style. This necklace is long enough to be doubled around the wearer’s neck as a double strand choker, providing a second, totally different look.