I Only Have Heart for You

I Only Have Heart for You is a 17″ choker necklace made of silver pillow beads, smokey glass globes, and heart-shaped furnace glass. It is secured with a silver-plated magnetic clasp.



Spring is Coming

This very light 16″ choker is a pastel lover’s delight. The dominant colors are soft pink, light blue, subtle melon, and creamy white. Silver metal and copper spacer disks bracket each bead. Bead materials are furnace glass, vintage resin, salwag seeds, and one handmade light blue porcelain bead. A magnetic silver plated clasp keeps it secure.


Cobalt Confection

Cobalt Confection is a 25.5″ necklace dominated by cobalt blue seed beads and crystals and anchored by a handmade cobalt blue and gold glass bead with protruding details. Furnace glass disks with pink and blue details are cushioned by light purple amethyst ovals. Secured with a brass toggle clasp in the Art Nouveau style.


My Heart Belongs to You

This 24″ beauty is anchored by a beautiful vintage glass heart made of amethyst-colored glass with a foil-lined center and surrounded on either side by clear crystals. There are four colorways of furnace glass in cube, halo, and tube shapes. Each piece of furnace glass is bracketed by a round globe shape in either smokey clear or light purple glass. Metallic colored seed beads knit the furnace glass pieces together and the necklace is secured with a silver-plated hammered toggle clasp.