To Your Heart’s Content

This 20.5″ necklace is made of porcelain hearts, coral, and red tiger’s eye beads, and secured with a hammered sterling silver toggle clasp. As unique as the one you love.



Orange You Glad I Called?

This 19″ necklace looks like it might be heavy, but it is incredibly light. The brown and orange beads are made of resin (similar to Bakelite), horn, vintage glass, and copper. The stunning centerpiece is made of rare Botswanan agate and the toggle clasp is made of hammered sterling silver. One-of-a-kind.



Sunset is a 17″ necklace made of delicate resin disks, goldstone beads, and vintage glass squares, all secured with a silver-plated toggle clasp. Sunset may be purchased at Talia clothing boutique in Evanston, located at 1526 Chicago Avenue (telephone 847-424-1855).



Black and Blue Beauty

Black and blue are classic colors that go with almost any other color — and they look especially chic together. This 27″ necklace is made of beautiful rare vintage glass, furnace glass, facetted onyx glass, coated hematite, and a nickel toggle.


Good and Plenty

Just like the well known candy, this 20″ necklace is a riot of white, black and pink. It is made from pink and black furnace glass, rhodonite, scolecite, blue goldstone, cultured pearls, clear glass, and round beads of sardonyx. A silver-plated toggle finishes the look.Retouched Photos - 64 of 148.jpg


Nothing But Purple

Nothing But Purple is a 20″ necklace made of amethyst ovals, Swarovski® bicone crystals, Czech glass, and secured with a gold-plated toggle. Retouched Photos - 16 of 148.jpg


Take Me to the Beach

Take Me to the Beach is a 20″ necklace made of Czech glass, African glass, aquamarine recycled bottle glass, copper saucers, cultured pearls and a silver-plated toggle. Retouched Photos - 47 of 148.jpg